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༄༄། །དཔལ་ཨེ་ཝཾ་རྣམ་དགོན་སློབ་གྲྭ།

Tibet Relief Fund (UK)

Tibet Relief Fund is a non-profitable organization registered in United Kingdom. TRF is looking after many schools, old homage and Tibetan settlements around the India, Nepal and Bhutan. We are also part of Tibet Relief Fund since few years. Till now TRF is sponsoring 30 students from our school and each year 2 or 3 students are finding sponsors from TFR. We are very thankful to Tibet Relief Fund for sponsoring our child consistently.

S.No. Sponsor Name Supporter ref Student Name Student ref
1. Miss Ruth Tarling 1042 Ngawang Sangpo TRF/NM29
2. Dr. Roger Taylor 1047 Nyima Gyaltsen TRF/NM4
3. Mr. Martin Kemp & Mrs sue Dawakins 3390 Ngawang Lodoe TRF/NM17
4. Mr. Martin Kemp & Mrs Sue Dawkins 3390 Yeshi Dorje TRF/NM16
5. Ms Angela Webb 5046 Ngawang Choedak TRF/NM6
6. Ms Carolle Payne 5484 Lungri TRF/NM8
7. Mr Matthew Vinall 7131 Palden Gyaltsen TRF/NM23
8. Mrs Feroza Bannister 7162 Sammer Gurung TRF/NM32
9. Mr Paul Green 7578 Jamyang Tendhar TRF/NM14
10. Mrs Devam Handry 9210 Pasang TRF/NM25
11. Mr Stephen Silver 9737 Ngawang Pasang TRF/NM22
12. Mr David Flinstone 11289 Karma Tsundue TRF/NM33
13. Mr Amer Yousaf 11691 Choekyi Wangpo TRF/NM9
14. Dr Robert Oulton 12190 Ngawang Choephel TRF/NM10
15. Ms Sally Greenaway 13536 Choekyong Sangpo TRF/NM28
16. Mrs Gail Stuart 13601 Tenpa Sangpo TRF/NM12
17. Ms Roseanna Lawrence 14933 Konchok Rinchen TRF/NM31
18. Mrs Tatiana Joseph 16929 Choekyi Gyatso TRF/NM5
19. Mrs Carolyn Edrich 17787 Jamyang Kunga TRF/NM3
20. Mr Neil Bowman &Ms Carole Mahoney 18159 Choekyi Lodoe TRF/NM1
21. Mr Mike Crompton 19420 Tenzin Phuntsok Sherpa TRF/NM27
22. Mr Mike Crompton 19420 Pasang Tenpa Sherpa TRF/NM26
23. Mr Josh Barber 19605 Choekyi Palden TRF/NM
24. Ms Wendy Bates 19779 Tashi Wangdue TRF/NM30
25. Mr Cameron Torbet 11131 Tsewang Dorje TRF/NM24
26. Mr Rick Van der Hammen 25162 Dawa Tsering TRF/NM21
27. Mr Simon Maxwell 25723 Pema Tsering TRF/NM21